Most stars these days are really taking the au-naturel look for a turn around the block, appearing in magazines or tweeting pics of themselves to show that bare can be beautiful.

This week, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence did the same, but with different intentions. No "I'm-not'wearing-makeup-look-at-me" undertones here. Just a casual morning run free of anything and everything on her face.

The svelte star looks basically the same. Though eye makeup gives her eyes a fuller effect, the actress' naturally narrow eyes are prevalent in the film, so the picture should come as no surprise. Kudos to Jennifer for stepping out bare-faced during her Hunger Games world tour, when every camera possible is on her. If she doesn't scream confidence, I don't know who does.

Lovelies, what do you think of Jennifer Lawrence no-makeup look? Do you think she looks better with or without it?

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