I cannot seem to wrap my head around these contraptions. No matter how many times I measure and remeasure and try on B cups and C cups, they never fit like I feel they should. They may keep things in line for a while while I'm up right, but as soon as I bend over to pick something up, or lay down on my side, everything literally falls out. No matter which setting I clasp the band to or how I adjust the straps.

However, after puberty, I simply could not get away with not wearing a bra - anyone could tell. Without a bra on, everyone can see the point of your nipples, even when it's warm! A bra displays a different shape.
So in order to avoid ridicule but maintain some form of comfort, I've stuck to the same kind of sports bras that my mother first brought home for me the summer before I entered junior high. Yet now, my boyfriend picks on me for not wearing "real bras"! I cannot escape the frustration with these things.

Are any of you fed up with wearing bras? Alternatively, do you live in your bra and feel uncomfortable without it? How do you find a bra that fits you correctly?