My first outfit for my 30 Days 30 Ways: Jeans & White T Challenge and a very very simple one at that. My hair began very straight and very "in place" but these LA winds messed it right up. Maybe that's why I prefer messy hair to begin with?

I actually styled 5 outfits today for the remainder of the week and got more and more creative with each one. I was a bit afraid yesterday after I posted my fun idea, worrying how I was ever going to actually do it. But once I started, it was a cinch and so much fun!

What I'm Wearing

* Men's oversized crew neck white T-shirt, cuffed and tucked.
* Leather collar necklace DIY
* Very old Calvin Klein thin jeans, cuffed.
* Aldo leopard print clutch.
* Vintage sunglasses
* Very old Steven {Steve Madden} patent leather wedge pumps

The Accessories

* View all my outfits here: 30 Days 30 Ways: Jeans & White T Challenge
* I've also created a Pinterest board where you can view them as well.

Lovelies, what do you think Maegan's challenge to wear jeans and a white tee for 30 days in 30 different ways?

Guest post from Maegan