Google just put out a video showing 14 ways that their Project Glass initiative may change our daily lives.  (I prefer the street name for the project though: Google Glasses.)

It's pretty mindblowing! When you wake up and put on your glasses, you'll see a row of icons that you can activate by tilting your head and/or nodding... from there you can go on to use the glasses as you walk around.

Here are 14 ways you can use the glasses:  

1. Let You Browse The Web And Access Apps From Your Glasses


2.  Remind You Of Events In Your Calendar 

3. Show You The Weather When You Look Out The Window

4. Let You Read Texts In Real Time

5. Let You Reply To Texts Right Away By Speaking Out Loud

6. Warn You When Subway Lines Aren't Running

7. Give You Walking Directions And Show You What Direction To Walk In

8. Dictate Reminders To Yourself When You See Something Cool

9. Show You How To Find Your Way Around A Bookstore

10. Check If Your Friend Is Nearby

11. Check In To Restaurant or Food Truck

12. Take Pictures And Post To Web

13. Video Chat With Girlfriend If You're Running Late 

14. Screenshare What You See Over Video Chat


There's no flying cars yet, but stuff like this makes me feel like we're living in the future!  Check out the gallery for pics of people wearing Google Glasses.

Would you wear a pair of Google Glasses?