Working out and playing sports seems to bring out something natural and raw in women. An animal instinct to succeed and win, to be our best. So why is it then, that some women still wear makeup to the gym? Why do athletes, who will sweat it all off, still wear eyeliner and mascara when they go to play their sport of choice? asked readers whether they wore makeup to the gym, and while some insisted that they usually do only if they go after work, others thought the concept of "getting ready for the gym" to be just silly.

The answer for most who do is confidence. It's like students who dress nicely for a test. If you look nice, you'll think better...or something like that. So if you look nice while exercising or playing a sport, you'll do better, right?

I play numerous sports, and have since I was very small. Since the time I can remember first picking up my first mascara wand, I've worn it on my eyes to every game I've ever had. Even my 6:40 am, middle-of-winter ice hockey games. I get up, shower, and put on makeup.

Then came to full-fledged team beauty. Field hockey and tennis team: why did we braid our hair, put in the ribbons and wear the eyeshadow in the colors of our team. This, I think, is about intimidation. When everyone comes together, looking the same, looking fierce: we want the other team to notice us before we even touch our sticks.

So today I actually questioned myself: why do I do it? Why do I often put on an extra layer of mascara or shower even though I'm just going to get sweaty and look disgusting after I'm finished playing hockey or lifting weights? I do think it has a lot to do with confidence, but mostly at this point its come down more to routine. I get up, I shower, I throw on my mascara and I go down to the field or the gym. Without this feeling of routine, I feel lost, helpless even it's like the routine of putting on equipment. It's hard to focus on my shooting or dribbling when I can feel how dirty I am or how naked my face feels. My shower and makeup keeps me focused.

What bothers me most is the stigma that goes along with makeup during athletic events or gym time. "That girl just wants to be noticed, that girl just wants attention." I wish everyone would just leave that girl alone to do as she pleases, whether it's looking like a slob or having her hair just right, it's her choice. And if no one's noticing you or paying attention to you anyway — as many women who disregard makeup in the gym say — why should it matter?

Lovelies, do you wear makeup to the gym or to play sports? How do you feel about trying to look your best when you'll just end up sweaty?

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