Sometimes I come across ideas that seem so simple and clever, I wonder why I never thought of them! Here are 9 easy organizational ideas that might make your life a little bit easier!

Put a shelf above your bathroom door to store bulky items like towels. (via marthastewart)

Put a shelf above your washer and dryer so things don’t fall behind it. (via Pinterest)  

Add a couple strips of caulk to the bottom of your rug to make it nonslip instead of using a rug pad. (via marthastewart)

Use a vase as attractive toilet paper storage. (via RealSimple)

Use nail polish to differentiate your keys (via adayinthelifeofmisskranz)

Use a tension rod to store spray bottles under your sink (via jengrantmorris)

Use a hot glue gun on a plastic hanger to prevent clothes from slipping off (via brizzleleo

Seal plastic bags with cut off bottle tops. (via apartmenttherapy)

Store matching sheets inside one of its pillowcases. (via marthastewart

What are some of your best organizational tips?