...about a year ago, I looked down and thought, I have cellulite. Where did that come from? I went through treatments; [my body] was like, It’s not going anywhere.

Lauren Conrad told Glamour Magazine back in 2010. And there are pictures (after the cut) to prove it, but on LC's cover photo for the same magazine hitting shelves April 10, there's not a lump or a pucker to be found. Wait, wasn't it Glamour who just swore up and down they'd never Photoshop another body again? What gives, Glamour

Glamour was quoted as saying,

You told us you don’t want little things like freckles and scars removed, and we agree; those are the kinds of details that make each woman on the planet unique and beautiful 

But I guess cellulite is a different story. To be fair, the cover does say "On How She Beat Her Body Hang-Ups," so maybe I need to go buy this month's issue to find out how LC beat the cellulite blues once and for all? I mean I guess we can't assume she didn't just lose the cellulite on her own, but I'd love to know what her miracle solution was.

I guess my bigger question is this: You have to admit, she looks fantastic on that cover. How would you feel if the folks at Glamour had really laid off the Photoshop and LC's cellulite was present in the cover shot? Would that make for a more appealing photo, au naturel? Either way, LC's face as well as her alluring promises of secret skin-smoothing-solutions will likely sell many a magazine this month. And cellulite or none, I still think she's awesome.

What's your take on Glamour's thigh-trimming and skin-smoothing editing? Do you wish they'd stuck to their guns on no Photoshopping? Or do you think LC really did manage to conquer her cellulite since 2010?

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