Just last fall my boyfriend and I watched the classic TV series Twin Peaks from start to finish. It's fantastic, imaginative and dark. It stars a handful of actors and actresses that later saw varying degrees of fame, not the least of which being the very beautiful Lara Flynn Boyle as Donna. In real life she's been a favorite of the tabloids for a long time for her stick-thinness and her frequent bouts with Botox, but recent photos show something very different. Is it the work of more plastic surgery, or something worse? Take a look. 

This makes me so sad. If this is just plastic surgery gone wrong, what makes such a beautiful woman do this to herself? Seeing her makes me want to cut up all of Lindsay Lohan's credit cards before she takes them to the surgeon's office for more work. Ten years ago Boyle expressed anxiety about getting older: 

I know I may be running out of time. There are just not that many roles for older women.

Surely, though, the Men In Black II star didn't have this in mind. Some sources point to possible steroid use for a medical condition — either way we hope she gets better. You can look through her transformation in the gallery, and feel free to tell us:

If this is just plastic surgery, what causes a woman to voluntarily undergo such excessive procedures? Do you think this is the work of something else, something medical?

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