It seems almost obligatory, wearing floral print in springtime. We're in the "April showers" part of the year here in Austin, and the hot sun will surely be bringing the May flowers before too long. Floral print has gone from being a "trend" to something sort of chic and sassy in recent years, a wink at tradition while still staying fashion-forward. Needless to say it doesn't mean looking like you're wearing your grandmother's drapes or your niece's Easter dress; florals are on everything this spring, so you can have them your way. Have a look. 

Supply Co. Juniors Denim Shorts - Assorted Colors, $17.99 from Target

The patterned pants trend carries over into spring with — of course — shorts. I saw a girl pair shorts like these with an oversized chambray shirt and sandals the other day. She looked effortless and so stylish. Floral bottoms are sort of unexpected, so you can wear simple pieces to finish off the look, or pile on the patterns if you want. Hint: nautical stripes and florals look awesome together!

Printed Floral Shirt, $39.90 from Zara

Florals don't always have to mean pinks and peaches in a tight and tiny pattern. The whimsical nature of the flowers still comes through in other colors, so get experimental with how you wear the trend.

exclusive design Floral High-Low Dress, $24.80 from Forever 21

I find that when it gets hot out, it's harder to find ways to look put-together, like you can in the winter with layering. Skip the over-accessorizing by trying a dress with a lot of creative elements like this unconventionally cut dress from Forever 21. The subtle pseudo-train gives it a little bit of drama, but without sacrificing comfort.

ALDO Tavolario Floral Bag, $71.62 from Asos

The same rules apply for bags — you can add instant complexity and visual appeal to a spring outfit by carrying a detailed handbag. And, if I haven't already driven the point home: denim and florals are a winning combination.

If you're a nail art whiz, you can try out some floral nail art like the example in this tutorial. I love the vintage-inspired design in this one, but different color combinations can turn the volume up or down on your manicure. Super cute.

These are just a few ways to get inspired to rock florals this spring. The stores are overflowing with different floral styles right now, so a little careful shopping and experimentation can lead to the perfect way to integrate florals into your own looks. Take a look at the gallery for more floral inspiration!

Do you dig florals in the springtime? What's your favorite way to wear them? 

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