More and more celebrities are selling off kisses to raise money for charity.  Charlize Theron famously auctioned off a 20-second kiss for $140k to benefit the charity ONExONE:

A man had bid $135k but Charlize worked the auctioneer table to get her bid up to $140,000!

Entourage's Jeremy Piven actually sold a kiss at the same event for $280k!  Still that's topped by Hollywood star George Clooney, who auctioned off a kiss for $350,000 to raise money for AIDS research!  

Sharon Stone raised $50k to buy Thanksgiving dinners for the homeless by offering a kiss to this bidder:

 Robert Pattinson auctioned off TWO separate kisses for $20k each to raise money for AIDS research.

 And for a GLADD fundraiser, Naya Rivera, John Stamos and Cory Monteith each charged $5k for an onstage smooch.

Check out more "star smooches" at, including Eva Longoria, Daniel Craig, Hugn Grant, Robbie Coltrane, and Kate Moss!

Let's assume you were at an event to raise money for your favorite charity.  Are there any celebrities that you'd want to give a quick stage smooch?  All for charity, of course.