These days it seems like every time I have to leave the house in a hurry, run an errand or stop by for quick-visit, this is what I put on. I swap out my American Apparel racer-back tank for any other color I have that's clean {I have about 5 I think} but otherwise, this is it. I've never been one for ballet flats, not because I don't think they're cute, I totally do, but they just don't work for me.

For one, I can't walk in them without looking like a complete moron and two, they don't ever stay on my strangely shaped/wide/bunion-inhabiting/archless feet and accentuate my pigeon-toed walk which I try to correct on daily basis. And this is why I usually opt for heels, they have a forced arch. But when Avarcas {also: Abarcas} sent me my first pair of these leather sandal-like-slip on flats from Spain last year, I fell in love. They're such a classic design and fit my feet and style perfectly. They just sent me this black pair and I wear them everywhere... including walking LeRoy {though I don't normally bring my handbag along with}.

What I'm Wearing

* Black and white striped sweater courtesy of Jigsaw London. And actually, my go-to winter outfit also contained a sweater from Jigsaw. Striped sweater seen here with pink jeans.
* American Apparel racerback tank worn under
* Rich and Skinny "Lira" jeans... seen here
* D&G watch, navy AV Max Python bangle, SEAH watches orange Gemini/Pisces wrap bracelet, various bangles, gold oval hoop earrings, Tom Ford sunglasses
* Black Avarcas sandals... worn here in brown and here as well... AND HERE lol. But they have a cute little selection of colors and styles as well.
* Rebecca Minkoff morning after bag in gray/blue
* LeRoy was more interested in watching the squirrels frolic and chase each other up and around trees than focus on modeling for this photo shoot. {I can't believe he's going to turn 8 next month!}

Check out more adorable pictures here...

Lovelies, what's your go-to outfit lately?

Guest post from Maegan