You know that scene in 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead' where Sue Ellen Crandell's driving in gridlock in her mom's Volvo with no air conditioning to her bores-magores summer job while other people her age are passing by in convertibles heading to the beach? That's pretty much the story of my life (sans the volvo) all summer long as I creep along the 10 fwy on my way to the office. Ughh.

In an effort to get out ahead of those summer blues Soph and I decided to brighten up our office space starting with items that are in our direct line of sight for 8 hours a day. First up, those awful freebie mouse-pads.

You will need:
Mouse pad
Canvas fabric (we used a tote bag)
Neon spray paint
Fabric glue

1. Lay your mouse pad on top of canvas and trace around the edges.

2. Cut out your canvas mouse pad shape and glue it down to the top of your mouse pad. Let dry.

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Guest post from Because Im addicted