I think the best gifts are not the ones that cost the most money, but the ones that are the most thoughtful. All these ideas take a little bit of time and effort, but I guarantee the special recipient in your life will never forget it! These ideas are especially great for a big birthday or anniversary.

1) Fill envelopes with written surprises for someone you love.

You can have lots of friends and family members participate, and the envelopes can contain anything from poems, to memories, to a date night. You can tailor it to any occasion whether it's a birthday, graduation, or Mother's Day!

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2) Balloon Pictures

There are several variations you could do for this idea. For a birthday, attach pictures from birth - present age to helium filled balloons, or substitute pictures for written memories. For an anniversary, attach pictures equal to the number of years you've been dating or married, and write a little love note on the back.   

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3) Memory Envelopes

This is my favorite idea for a big birthday. Ask friends and family to share a special memory of the birthday boy/girl. If it's a 60th birthday, get 60 memories. Place each memory in an envelope and have them open each one up individually. 

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What is the most thoughtful gift you've ever given or received?