A German shoe designer thought of these weird shoes. I'm not sure I know anyone who would wear them! 

Apparently Iris Schieferstein (the creator of these hoof shoes) thinks that combining taxidermy and fashion is a great thing. I disagree. I don't want a dead animal's hooves covering my feet. 

Not only does Iris use horse hooves, she also uses stuffed doves and snake bodies! Talk about weird! Although the Iris' designs are quite controversial, she does get some support. Lady Gaga supposedly supports Iris' designs. Yea, that sounds about right.

If you do like this trend but are afraid to wear them, Iris explained that the shoes are clean by the time they get to you. She first gets the dead animal carcasses from a butcher and spends a lot of time getting rid of the meat and bones. After all that is taken care of, she puts the skin around a model of a shoe. She then uses her creativity to come up with her unique designs. 

She's been doing this for 12 years and said that she loves horses and shoes. She thought it would be great to combine the two. I think otherwise. 

Although I think these shoes are hideous, they sell for quite a lot. At about $5,500, I would gladly decline a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable and can only be worn for a couple hours at a time. 
Not surprisingly, Iris is the only designer who mixes fashion and taxidermy. I hope it stays that way!

What do you think of these shoes? 

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