The stars were bright for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards this weekend. If the Grammys are an opportunity for stars to take some risks, KCA to be a complete free-for-all in terms of red carpet fashion. The event is definitely super casual, but that doesn't mean the outfits were boring, to say the least. Take a look

The biggest trend at the even seemed to be ladies in blue. Which one do you think really rocked it?

Miranda Cosgrove. Her blue minidress seemed to say, "look at me, all grown up."

Kristen Stewart, still managing to look bored in a bright hue, swept the awards.

Jacqueline Emerson jumped on the royal blue bandwagon, as well.

Halston Sage
, too, shimmered in all-blue.

Check out the rest of the orange carpet looks in the gallery!

What do you think of these ladies' blue looks? Who else rocked the carpet?

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