Yeah I totally hate April Fool's Day. Mainly because it's three days before my birthday and it cramps my style. All personal stuff aside, April first has become something of an unspoken competition for Internet personalities to make a kick-butt online trick to top all tricks. This year Google got in on the game, so did Warby Parker and a lot of other names. Take a look and tell us what gags you think won out. 

Gmail Tap. Because keys are so clumsy, and so are my fingers.

The Warby Barker canine collection
. Put and end to squinty dogs.

ThinkGeek presents Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad. Looks legit.

Finally, Fresh Step brings us Organic Bacon scent. I know what I'll be buying on my next Target run.

Vaio releases the new Q Ultra Book. Surprisingly different.

The Kodak Kitten Printer
. Finally.

Honda rolls out Terii, the anti-theft negotiator for your car. Kind of reminds me of Portal, no?

Skype for String, free calling, anytime. Sounds complicated? Never fear, there's a user manual.

Did you come across an awesome April Fool's Day gag on the Internet? Did someone prank you today? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

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