When I was younger, my parents would stuff me into a flowery Easter dress and bonnet (yes, you heard me — bonnet) and hide an Easter basket full of candy in a deep, dark corner of our living room. 

They'd place me at the threshold of the room and make me wait, painstakingly, until they yelled "GO!" At which point I would run like a bat out of hell, mostly in circles, trying to find my basket. A living room isn't really a big place, unless you're Russell Simmons, so my search was pretty brief and always fruitful.

For the most part, Easter candy is pretty repetitive. Almost without fail, I'm always given a Reese's Easter Egg, jelly beans, Peeps...you know, the usual (except for that one year my mom was on a health kick and got me raisins. Thanks?). Frankly, I'm getting bored of it. I want some spice. I want some variety. I want someone to weird me out. Something!

Since Easter's only a week away, I decided to take a little journey through Easter candy land and get weird all on my own. Check out the gallery of my atypical findings and maybe put a little thought — and humor?— into your Easter sweets this year.