Katy Perry is the new model for Adidas (alongside David Beckham). She showed off the new ClimaCool line with her signature blue hair, but did the photo editors take airbrushing too far? 

Katy has kept her blue hair for awhile now, but she really should have had it retouched before taking these photos for Adidas' new line. Her roots are really noticeable. And while Katy always seems to have a fresh face, whoever edited these photos made her look a little too airbrushed. She has beautiful skin, but they made it appear too soft. It looks unnatural, almost plastic-like.

Other than this first photo, the photos for this ad campaign are pretty fun. Katy is seen running, smiling, posing, popping her collar and riding a merry-go-round. How fun? And of course, she is wearing the ClimaCool outfit through all of it.

What do you think of Katy's photos for this campaign? Do you like her blue hair?

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