'Cause we all have that kind of money lying around.

In remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's abrupt meeting with the bottom of the Atlantic (on April 15th), a Houston-based restaurant called Cullen's is recreating the meal from the ship's last night above sea level.

The event, called the "Titanic Experience," involves a 10-course dinner (that seems like seven courses too many) served in Macy's Table, which, apparently, is a room suspended from the ceiling of the restaurant. Guests are also given the chance to sample a bottle of Armagnac brandy from 1900, because it's just...necessary, I guess?

Luckily, you can invite 11 other people to your dinner, so each person can pay a nice, even $1,000 for a single, yet absurdly large meal. Cost effective planning, Cullen's.

No word on whether or not anyone has actually bought the dinner yet, but I want to meet the person who does. They must be a special breed of person. (via Jezebel)

Would you ever spend a load of money on special occasion? Or are you always thrifty when it comes to your celebrations?