I usually change my hair color quite frequently. But I haven't colored it for almost a year. I'm sick of the same old, same old. I'm ready for a new color! 

My natural hair color is in the center photograph. I've gone dark before (left photo) and absolutely loved it! My hair looked so shiny and smooth. But I'm not sure the color looked great on me.

So I tried going blonde (right photo). I heard that blondes have more fun, and it was true in my case. I felt so carefree, and I got so many compliments as a blonde. I'm still not sure if it looked right on me though. And it was so bad for my hair. I straighten it almost everyday, so bleaching it doesn't help with all the damage. One great thing about being blonde was that I didn't have to fix my hair as often. It didn't seem to get as oily, so that was a plus.

Right now, my hair is basically its natural color (center photo). I feel that it just looks kind of boring and dull. I'm looking for a new color, but I'm not sure what would look best on me. 

What hair color do you think I should try next?

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