It's prom season, the time of the year when many, if not most, high school senior girls are looking for that dress.

But prom shopping is almost nothing like wedding dress shopping (that dress over the dress). Prom is about looking amazing, having fun with your friends and dancing the night away. Unless they kick you out for having a dress that's too inappropriate. 

Recently, some schools have created banned dress lists, including this gem from

Honestly? This is not the most scandalous out of the "Sexy and Sleek" collection on the Promgirl website. Most of the dresses feature body-hugging material with cutouts placed either around the midsection or towards the hips...but then there are some maybe take sexy a little too far.  

Beautiful girl, gorgeous color, and the dress would be amazing even if that cutout wasn't there, and I can't really see any reason as to why it's there anyway.

And then there's this one, which actually does look like a swimsuit. Seriously? A sequined, mermaid-corset looking skirt/bustier ensemble. I can't imagine my school, let alone my parents, letting me into prom in this dress.

Check out our gallery for more dresses from the "Sexy and Sleek" collection on the Promgirl website.

Lovelies, what kind of dress did you wear to prom? What do you think of schools banning dresses from prom?

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