Have you ever thought about mixing perfumes for a new scent? I not only thought about it, I tried it out. Keep reading to find out my favorite matches. 

The other day when I was with my sister, she asked me to smell her perfume to see if I liked it. I loved the scent she was wearing! But here's the catch. It was a custom scent. She mentioned that she sprayed on one perfume, then went to get the mail; when she came back in, she put on another perfume. As soon as she put on the second perfume, she realized that she was already wearing a different perfume. But when she smelled the two perfumes together, she loved it.

That gave me a great idea to start experimenting with my own perfumes. I absolutely love White Citrus body spray from Bath and Body Works. It's my go-to scent for spring and summer. I also love Wink, Wink from Victoria's Secret. Since I love them both so much, I decided to try them together. The outcome: amazing! The citrus-y smell of the White Citrus paired with the flirty blackberry of Wink, Wink play off each other so well. I can't get enough of this combo!

Another combo I tried was Wink, Wink with Abercrombie's 8 perfume. It smells sophisticated and fun at the same time! Since I love Abercrombie's 8 perfume so much, I decided to pair it with White Citrus as well. I think this combo might be even better than 8 with Wink, Wink.

I will continue to mix perfumes and find new scents because it's so fun. I love experimenting with beauty products!

Have you ever mixed perfumes together? What are your favorite scent combinations?

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