Do you have an eye for professional looking makeup but aren't a pro makeup artist?  Don't have hours upon hours to put on makeup?  Check out the pictures below for a solution that may be for you!

I saw a couple of pictures on the internet in an advertisement for makeup, and was extremely impressed at how good the eyeshadow looked on the models.  I was so impressed, that I did something that is rare for me: actually clicked on the advertisement and found out more about the product.  I was shocked when I read on to find out that these eyeshadow looks were done by something called "Instant Makeup Applicators", a new trend of quick, easy, and skill-free applicators that allow you to have professionally done lids in minutes.

The people behind this madness are a company called ColorOn Professional, and they created a whole brand devoted to time-efficient instant makeup.
These applicators are disposable, soft as a feather, and jam-packed with mineral cosmetic eyeshadows.  They come in colors ranging from a subtle daytime look, smoldering evening looks, to fun and imaginative shadows for the more daring.  These require absolutely no makeup skills, no brushes or any type of secondary applicator.  They are waterproof, crease-proof, and long-wearing — and transfer to the eyelid with just a touch. 
You can purchase a pre-made kit, such as the "Smokey Eye Classics Variety Kit" pictured below.
They offer a bunch of other kits, such as the "Metallics Variety Eyeshadow Kit", "Romance Eye Kit", and the "Animal Instincts Kit" for the more fearless females out there.  You can even mix and match and completely customize your own kit containing any of the cosmetic creations you see fit.
For $20, the most expensive kit being $30, these instant makeup applicators by ColorOn Professional seem like a steal for the makeup savvy with a busy schedule.  You can buy them directly on their website, or you can check this list & find a retailer near you.

I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks of these!  Are these seem like something that you would try?