The Hunger Games braided hair style is a-buzzin' at the moment, so I thought I'd braid one up and give you a quick little semi-tutorial for it, just in case you were interested. The braid is basically my Side French Braid low up-do hair tutorial but left out instead of pinned up and braided UNDER instead of OVER as seen above and called the Inside out French braid. It's done exactly the same way as a regular French braid but instead of braiding over the other sections, you braid them under, creating this bulbous braid that sort of sits atop your head rather than against it.

See the difference... {this one below is also a bit looser}

Here's my original side French braid hair tutorial... but leave the braid out rather than pinning it up at the end and again, braid each section UNDER the other rather than OVER.

Shown below is a more relaxed and wearable style, leaving much of the front section out and waving it...

Just to reference the technique, below is an inside out French braid hair tutorial I did ages ago, in our old condo bathroom, with the camera recording my reflection in the mirror... oh the early days. I'm probably singing in it as well... so embarrassing ;)

Click here for the full frontal inside out french braid original hair tutorial.

Guest post from Maegan