We've all heard that red wine and pop are bad for your teeth, but you might be surprised by this list of things that are bad for your teeth. 

Dental hygiene is very important. And a lot of people care about what their teeth look like. I know I do. I was really surprised when I found out a lot of the stuff I love is terrible for my teeth. I guess I'll take it easy on some of the drinks I drink. Check out this list:

1. Chlorine When you're swimming, more chlorine than you think gets in your mouth. The pH of the chlorine is bad for the enamel on your teeth. It can make your teeth start to become yellow and sensitive.
Tip: Swim in salt water

2. Citrus Drinks Lemonade, citrus-flavored sports drinks and iced tea have acid that eats away at your teeth. 
Tip: Drink water after drinking citrus drinks

3. White Wine We all know red wine is bad for your teeth but so is white wine. It leaves a residue on your teeth that darkens them.
Tip: Drink water and have a little bit of bread in between drinks of wine

4. Coral or Peach Lipstick Although peach and coral lipsticks are very trendy this season, they don't do anything for your teeth. They make your teeth appear yellower than a red or pink lipstick would.
Tip: Wear red lipstick with a blue undertone

5. Berries Fruit juice and berry smoothies may be healthy, but they can discolor your teeth. 
Tip: Drink juices and smoothies with a straw

What do you do to keep your smile looking pearly white?

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