Do you ever lament being totally un-photogenic? Pictures can either flatter a face, or totally flatten your assets. What's the solution? Blogger Melissa Diem of AllWomensTalk brings us her ten tips on how to do your makeup to ensure that you look great in pictures. This is excellent advice for weddings, prom, or any event where you might have photos taken of you. Take a look. 

1. Use Mattes. Mattes are flat colors. They don’t have any sparkle or shimmer. When you are going to be photographed you want to avoid anything that is going to reflect light on your face. The camera flash and the added shimmer will leave you looking like an oil spill and not your beautiful self. 

2. Apply In Natural Light. For best results apply your make up in natural light. Indoor lighting can alter the appearance of your make up. Some lights may wash you out causing you to apply make up too heavily. We’ve all seen pictures of ourselves where we thought our make up was good before we left the house, but in pictures we are left to wonder what went wrong and how to look good in pictures in the future.

3. Use Yellow Tinted Powder. Yellow tinted powder is better than shimmery or translucent powders for pictures. The other powders will reflect the light leaving you with a shine. They may also leave you looking washed out in pictures. I’m sure neither of these looks are what you have in mind when trying to figure out how to look good in pictures.

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Do you often hate how you look in photos? Would you try any of these tips?

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