Sorry, soy lovers; you may want to stay away from Starbucks, for the time being. Because it seems that one of their milk-free drinks is made from beetle juice. Read more after the cut!

Isn't it already hard enough for lactose-free people, without throwing bugs into the mix? While Starbucks' Soy Strawberry Frappuccino may be a cute, yummy-looking pink color, apparently it comes at a cost:

...[Starbucks has] been using something called cochineal extract to dye the drinks that murky Pepto Bismol Pink. Cochineal extract, it turns out, is made from South American beetles and was adopted in an effort to stop using artificial ingredients.

While some may appreciate Starbucks' effort at going natural, many vegans are upset that the drink includes bug extract. Some have even started a petition to try and get Starbucks to stop using the dye. [via Gawker]

What do you think of Starbucks' use of this unusual ingredient?

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