We've all seen Groupon's strange past deals. While you can get mega-bargains on the site, there's about twenty "$5 for $10 worth of yard raking" deals for every decent one featured. This week has brought on a couple strange deals from the site, including a $174 wedding dress...which no one has bought yet. Check out the gown after the cut!

In a wedding-themed deal, the site is also offering a coupon for services that "walks newlyweds through necessary forms and processes of legal name change." That one, however, has actually managed to sell. [via Buzzfeed]

The site mentions that there are three wedding dress options available, but there's no hint as to what the other two options look like. Considering the unfortunate style of the featured dress, maybe Groupon should provide some alternatives if they want anyone to buy the deal!

Would you buy a wedding dress off Groupon? What do you think of the featured dress?

You can buy Dorothy O'Connor's wedding dress print here.