Were you offended that Rue was African American in The Hunger Games? I wasn't, but some fans were. 

Apparently some fans thought Rue was supposed to be white, even though in the book by Suzanne Collins, Rue is described as having "dark brown skin." I personally pictured Rue a lot like she looked in the movie. She was described as a small girl who was dark-skinned. I automatically thought that meant she was African American.

But some Hunger Games' fans tweeted about how upset they were:

"Why does Rue have to be black," wrote one ignorant fan, whose Twitter page no longer exists. "Not gonna lie, kinda ruined the movie."

 "Awkward moment when Rue is some black girl and not the innocent blonde girl you picture," wrote another user, whose account has also been deleted.

"I thought she would be white," wrote one fan. 

This isn't the first time that Hunger Games' fans got upset over who was cast to play in this movie. When the posters for the movie first made their rounds on the internet, people were so upset that Rue and Cinna were African American. 

I still don't understand the conflict. Both characters were described as having dark skin or being African American in the book. Why would that be any different in the movie? My only guess is that people got confused because in the book, Katniss compares Rue to her sister Prim. But she is comparing their sizes and demeanors. She is not saying that the two look alike.

What do you think of this racial outrage about Rue? Were you surprised that she was African American? 

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