Hey Lovelies, I need a little help here. Tomorrow, I will meet my friends who I haven't seen for quite a long time, and as usual I like to plan my outfit ahead. 
So yesterday I created not one, but three outfits (!) as options to wear tomorrow. And I'm gonna let you choose for me which one do you think I should wear. ;)
You can participate in this little poll below and help me to decide by choosing one that you think is the best outfit.

Look 1: Simple and Practical with Knitted Sweater and Jeans

Look 2: Casual Feminine with Floral Maxi Skirt and Lace Cropped Cardigan

Look 3: Prepped-Up Casual with High-Waisted Maxi Skirt and Striped Blouse

Thanks Lovelies! I will be deciding on the final outfit later tonight.

Which outfit do you like the best?

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