For many, jeans will always be a wardrobe staple. I'm particularly fond of denim and my dream job will likely have more to do with what I can wear to work over what I do in the office.

When jeggings came out, I was fairly skeptical of most pairs. How dare the industry change my beloved jeans! But, call me a hypocrite, after trying American Eagle's surprisingly denim-feeling jeggings, I was sold...and most of my other jeans went to charity.

But sometimes practicality just can't overcome the actual look of the item. Picnic pants, anyone? Check out five more weird designs below.

1. Garter/utility belt and leg warmers

Thank goodness these jeans...things are to be worn over skirts. A pocketed garter belt to hold up jean leg warmers only makes me wonder, why not just wear pants in their entirety?

2. Keyboard/mouse/speaker jeans

Called Peripheral Pants, these jeans were practically made for our generation. These babies are able to connect to most laptop or desk computers so you can type, click and listen away. Useful? Definitely. Practical? Maybe not...

3. Pajama Jeans

I feel like these pajama pant jeans were specifically designed for people who are always on the go. I can't even count how many times I've wanted to go to my breakfast buffet in my sweatpants, but had to look at least decently put together. These PJ pants would have made those 6 AM breakfasts so much more comfortable.

4. Boot-sock jeans

These jeans were obviously designed with the boot-wearer in mind. However, the hassle that will almost definitely come when wanting to wear something on your feet beside knee-high boots seems like too much for me.

5. Shoulder high pants

I know these aren't technically jeans, but I just had to include these shoulder height pants, created by the Society for Rational Dress. Surprisingly, I'm actually not put off by this; it's like a long-legged romper, and I have plenty of friends that would rock these and look great.

While I'm all for new styles of jeans (except I will never be able to pull off the high-waist look), but these extremely practical yet almost wholly unstylish jeans just do not do it for me.

Lovelies, what's the weirdest jean style or trend you've ever seen? Would you ever wear or use any of these looks?

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