No matter how much praise she gets from men, the media and the general population in its entirety, Megan Fox may never look beautiful in her own eyes. 

Megan gained an enormous amount of her fame when she starred along side Shia LeBeouf in the wickedly popular franchise, Transformers.  In 2010 when Megan's infamous potty mouth cost her the role in the enormously successful movie, director Michael Bay quickly replaced her with supermodel sensation Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Megan has become obsessed with her looks ever since, says a close friend to the actress.  

The friend of the star tells In Touch, "She was terrified that losing Transformers was bad for her career, so she decided to transform herself into what she believed to be beautiful," the friend spills. "Now she looks like an entirely different person."

A nose job, cheek fillers, lip injections, botox, eyelid surgery, and laser skin resurfacing are just a few procedures part of the dramatic measures that experts believe Megan has taken her appearance in the quest for perfection. 

New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Guida estimates the 25 year old actress had upwards $60,000 worth of work done and as a result, looks much older than she actually is.  Despite some of her closest friends begging Megan to stop messing around with her face, the star seems trapped in a vicious cycle that is all too familiar to the young stars of Hollywood.

"She can't seem to pass a mirror without scrutinizing her appearance," says her friend.  "She's always looking for ways to enhance her looks."  Clearly, she doesn't believe in the phrase, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Click on the photo gallery to see pics of the actress through the past 10 years!

Do you think Megan has had plastic surgery and if so, do you think she's had this many procedures?  Judging by pictures in the gallery, what year would you say Megan has looked her best and why?