Fashion icons in Hollywood are often polarizing. Some of us are pro-Angelina, anti-Victoria Beckham, all-in for Zooey Deschanel. For each of us that means we grant those celebs a certain degree of amnesty; we adore them when they make amazing fashion choices, and casually look the other way about their missteps. A lovely named Bayley submitted her pick for the fashion icon who to her, can do no wrong. She said,

Florence Welch. SHE CAN DO NO WRONG. EVER. Her style is poetry to my eyes. I saw one of the dresses she wore and it was a big ball of frills, so I just ignored it. I couldn't stand seeing it. She was too awesome for it. 


Do you have a style icon to whom you grant total creative freedom? Someone you wish you could emulate, if only you had the guts, the money, and the fame to do it? And, is there anyone, not matter how great they look, you just can't stand them? 

I personally love everything Elizabeth Olsen wears, even if it isn't always perfectly proportioned. I think she does a great job composing outfits and she's irreverent about looking "pretty." However, Zooey Deschanel just annoys me, so I can't ever take her seriously, even if she looks awesome. I've always loved Lady Gaga's fashion choices over Katy Perry's. What do you think makes the difference? Is it stars we relate to? Because that seems a little far-fetched. I can't relate to anyone with that much money and fame. Or is it some reflection on how we view their character?

Take a look through the gallery at just some of the risk-taking fashionistas in Hollywood and tell us:

What celebs do you think can do no wrong? And who can you never really give credit to, even if they look great?

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