Angelina Jolie has been a busy woman lately, what with directing her own film and starring as the title character in Disney's upcoming movie "Maleficent." But despite her numerous responsibilities, Angie has always had a bit of a rebellious streak, as evidenced by her huge abundance of tattoos. Check out a gallery of Angie's ink after the cut!

Frankly, I had no idea the woman had so much ink on her body (and rumor has it there are more in...intimate places). Also, tattoo removal is supposed to be a horrifically painful experience, and yet she's gone through it several times. While it stinks that she got personally-regrettable ink, I'm amazed at her pain tolerance! I'd also love to see her get some color tattoos someday!

What do you think of Angelina's tattoos? Do you have any tattoos you regret? Would you ever get laser tattoo removal?