The queen of the "little monsters" turns 26 today.

And for all the weirdness and "what in the world are you doing" moments that she puts us through, it seems only fitting that we commemorate her birth by tracking down the oddest Gaga related items on Etsy. And there's some strange stuff. Does this surprise anyone, though? It shouldn't.

1. Little Monster Prosthetic Gills.
I will say that I wasn't the biggest fan of Gaga's foray into irregular facial angles and bumps in the Born This Way video. I understand it's supposed to be all cutting edge and artistic and...whatever...but it was kinda freakin' me out. Sorry, Gag. In case you really liked that look, though, you can now plaster gills to your face for 20 bucks! If you cross my path, I'll probably look at you strange, not gonna lie.

2. Lady Gaga Finger Puppet.
Ahem. And I quote, " Yes, Lady Gaga is an ultra glamorous finger puppet ready to dance all kinds of crazy with you and your besties. She can write a song, record it, mix it, shoot a vid, and play 7 rounds of Texas Hold'em all before lunch." If you were wondering. She also will fit "most fingers" as well as pencils, pens, and chopsticks. Again, if you were wondering.

3. Bad Romance Faux Bear Coat. You know, for a mere $2,600. There should be a moment of silence for whoever buys this. And like, where do you store a floor length, polar bear coat? I mean, granted, if you're buying this you're probably not someone who is very concerned with being inconspicuous. But seriously, where do you wear this and where do you put this when you're not wearing it? LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS.

4. Lady Gaga My Little Pony Figurine.
That is one glam pony. If you were worried about starting your child, or niece, nephew, younger sibling, whatever, out early, Etsy has got you covered. Honestly, it's kind of cool-looking? Maybe I've been on this the Gaga Etsy page too long. Probably wouldn't buy it though, based on the unsettling human-esque clay face. Hebejebes.

5. PDF of how to make Lady Gaga's Lobster Hat.
Hey, if creepy aluminum foil headdresses really do it for you, then you can buy a tutorial on how to make this foil-y crustacean for 5 bucks. Yep. You don't actually get the headdress, but you can buy instructions on how to make it yourself. Instructions which probably cost the same as the lobster hat itself. So...alright.

Happy Birthday, Gaga! We hope your 26th year brings us more zany moments and dance pop jams. (via Etsy)

What is your favorite or most memorable Lady Gaga moment of all time?