Christian Louboutin used Swarovski crystals on these heels to spell out "SEX" when the wearer puts her feet together.
Ashanti, Katy Perry and Kate Upton have all worn a pair of Christian Louboutin's "SEX" heels. Tacky or fun? 

Everyone says sex sells, but for $1,400 a pair, I think it might be hard to sell this kind of sex.

And do people really like this attention? It all depends on the person. Some guys find it weird for girls to wear these shoes. But other guys think it's cool if it helps the girl get what she wants. It is blatantly obvious, so maybe it would help a girl if that's what she is going after. 

Louboutin was trying to be obvious with this design. He wasn't going for something "G-rated; in fact, he's previously boasted that they're orgasmic."

Although wearing the shoes makes it seem that a girl would want sex, that might not be the case. Maybe she just wants to feel sexy or have fun. It's up to the wearer why she puts on a pair of shoes.

What do you think of these shoes? Do you find them "SEX"-y enough to wear?

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