It's no secret we've been concerned about Rihanna lately. Her uncomfortably close ties with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown have looked a little fishy from here, but nothing was confirmed, you know the story. But apparently we had less to worry about than we thought, since it seems Rihanna has been seeing none other than freshly-divorced Ashton Kutcher for the past two months. Could Rihanna and Ashton be the next (epically) hot Hollywood couple? 

Rihanna leaving Ashton's place 4 nights ago.

I mean, it's not like Ashton doesn't have stories of his own. Demi didn't exactly make it easy for him in the final months of their separation. She is, reportedly, pretty distraught over these pictures surfacing. These things are never easy. Both Rihanna and Ashton coming out of tumultuous relationships that are better left in the past, both inarguably attractive... this (alleged) coupling gets my vote. Maybe someday they'll have little exotic looking, strong-jawed children. We can dream can't we? [via ibtimes]

What do you think of this hookup? Are they a great match in your eyes? 

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