I've recently discovered the wonders of MAC cosmetics ... and I'm in love!

I try to be a "budget-friendly" kind of girl and am definitely not the kind of person to drop a couple hundred dollars for makeup, but I honestly think with MAC I'm getting my money's worth.  Let me explain:  

I started out with the Studio Moisture Tint, because I wanted a great tinted moisturizer when I went on a trip to Mexico, instead of a heavy foundation.  Verdict: LOVED IT!  It was so light and you literally only need very little moisturizer to get the coverage you need.

After that, I decided to create a custom palette that they give you in a cute little quad case.  You can mix and match different colors, and use one quad for day or for night.  I literally use this every day and it has lasted me a very long time.

Since then, I use everything from MAC foundation to eyeliner to concealer.  It gives me great coverage, unclogs my pores and my skin feels and looks better -- I can't imagine going back to anything else.

The great thing about MAC is the makeup artists at the store really know what they're talking about.  They matched up makeup to completely blend in with my skin.  The Matchmaster foundation is great because it blends with your skin whether in summer or winter, when your skin changes tones.  This prevents you from having to buy different foundations just because the season changes.  

Which cosmetics have you gained "love affairs" with?  Do you feel you get your money's worth?