I guess the Miss Universe pageant will be instating a new rule for next year's finalists: Must be a natural born...woman. Jenna Talackova, an undeniably attractive Canadian contestant, was disqualified last week for reasons that she was quicker to admit than they were: She was born a male.

In fact, she finished gender reassignment just four years ago, and you have to admit she's made excellent progress in her time as a woman. Heck, I've been a female for 25 years and I'm not a contender for Miss Universe. Not even close. And while this turn of events doesn't surprise me — the Miss Universe pageant is owned by Mr. "Show Me The Birth Certificate" himself, Donald Trump — it is sort of disappointing. Jenna's hot, and represents a largely unheard voice in the world. For now she's down, but not out. Although she laments being “disqualified for being born,” on her Twitter account, Talackova says she's "not going to just let them disqualify [her] over discrimination.” [via thedailywhat]

Is this a new frontier in terms of equality? Or is it called the "Miss" Universe pageant for a reason?

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