You know a celebrity trend is a big deal when Lady Gaga participates in it. Joining the ranks of Cate Blanchett, Faith Hill and even Kim Kardashian, Gaga revealed herself to the public wearing no makeup. Check out her surprising photo (and a gallery of makeup-less celebrities) after the cut!

Gaga Tweeted this photo earlier in the week, accompanying it with the message, "Have a beautiful day!!" Even in a tank top and ponytail, she was clearly already having one!

What I love about this shot is that she looks so...normal. And not even "compared to dolled-up Lady Gaga" normal; without makeup, she resembles a pretty, average gal, showing women everywhere that you don't have to be born looking like a bombshell to become a superstar. [via E!]

What do you think of Gaga's photo? Does it surprise you at all?

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