Well this is something I'm sure none of us saw coming.

But hey, this is a good thing, right? She's not floorflashing or making credit score commercials, so we're already leagues ahead of the Stodden norm. I mean, don't get me wrong, her chest was still on full, fake display, she's still wearing that sweet diamond choker, and her voice was still the grating, lispy, annoying-fest it's always been. But if we didn't have those things it just wouldn't be the real Court, ya know?

All joking aside, though, Courtney is joining PETA in speaking out against animal cruelty and, in this new commercial, is pleading a case for vegetarianism. She claims she's never eaten a burger in her life (which is, if true, a real feat I think), and says her decision to go veggie was inspired by videos of brutal animal slaughter that brought her to tears. This past Thanksgiving was her first tofurkey Thanksgiving so, welcome to the club, Stodden. It's not so bad.

Watch the commercial below.

Also, Bizarre is the perfect name for that dog. Yeesh. (via HuffingtonPost)

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What do you think of Courtney Stodden's new PSA and decision to go vegetarian?