I've never dyed my hair, ever. I've always been too scared to take the plunge.

First, I'm afraid that I'll never get my natural hair color back unless I shave my head Sinead O'Connor style (ripping a picture of the pope in half on SNL is optional) and let it all grow back out from square one. And then, there's the chance that I'll look completely ridiculous as a blonde, redhead, or whatever-head. In which case, I'm stuck waging a color war on my poor, poor, mistreated locks, trying to bring them back to some semblance of normalcy.

But fortuitously, I have a broad range of celebrities to educate me on what not to do to my hair. They try things, I judge them, I know what not to do. It's not really a fair relationship by any means, but it works for me. And what these ladies don't know won't hurt them.

I think we can all take a lesson or two from a few of these celebs, like...a blonde to yellow ombre color is not going to work. Probably ever. On anyone. Sorry, Gaga. (via Posh24, Fashionista)

How far have you gone with hair color? What was the most out-there color you've tried?