What do cats do
? They refine the art of ambivalence. Then they act really foolish and fall off of things or chase their tails, making us wonder if there's a conclusive thought in their walnut-brains at all. It's this contrast — the contempt and the clumsiness — that make cats so easy to obsess over. Mine, shown above, goes by the name Casper, and he's pretty useless with the exception of being more fun to watch than digital cable. If you're like me, a cat lover, take a gander at these little cat-inspired pieces. Maybe you'll get inspired to sing your cat-love from the rooftops, or at least pour yourself a cup of tea. 

Cat burger print, $10 from Etsy. This seller has gazillions of incredibly unique prints. Check them all out.

Paw Me a Cup Tea Set, $45.99 from ModCloth

The kitty is sitting in two nestled mugs with tails for handles. Kind of amazing.


Bernardaud's "Geraldine's" bowls make the image of a cat when filled with liquid. Kinda totally brilliant. [via MarthaStewart]

Can't have a real cat? Give Diego a try. He's $19, cute and knows how to cuddle. Or perhaps he'd be best as a fluffy friend for your sentient feline.

Feeling lucky? Maybe this little guy will help keep your cavities away. $12 from Urban Outfitters.

Does your boring iPhone case need some purrrsonality? $16 will get you this seriously cute case. 

This delicate little guy from ModCloth comes with his own avian friend to help him stir sugar into your tea.

Wrap Midi Dress In Cat Print, $48.34 from Asos

An homage in the form of fashion, this allover print is cat-lady chic.

If it's subtlety you're after, these little kitty ears for your fingers are a delicate way to remind yourself you've got a purr-box waiting at home for you. $10 from Etsy.

Silkscreen cat tee, $16 from Etsy. Adorable and affordable.

Sometimes you just can't keep these kinds of things to yourself. I know, there are just as many cat haters out there, but the truth is we're all jealous of how they just get to sit around and be adorable all day. Me, I'm just glad I've got the dope to come home to...and feed...and clean out his litter box...and say "WHAT?!" to when he won't stop meowing. Le sigh, the pleasures of having a feline companion.

Are you a cat lover? Would you rock any of these items?