I love my bangs, usually never letting them get past the bottom of my ears, so I always have a slight frame for my face. But they do get irritating at times, especially when it's humid out and they stick to my forehead.

There are so many ways to pull back your hair, with headbands, flower crowns, braids, twists: the works. But would you ever wear your bangs in a bun on top of your head? My roommates and I decided to try it out...

And it turned out like something we'd do on a Friday night after sharing a bottle of vino:

Maybe a little like something you'd find on a toddler...

So we decided to keep going with the bun theme, and attempted an all over the head look, giving me the a sort of dinosaur-mohawk appearance.

I think we'll leave the hair styling to the professionals at this point, and stay far, far away from the mini bun trend on the head.

Lovelies, what do you think of the bun-bang look? How do you pull your bangs out of your face?

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