The ombre look isn't just for your noggin' anymore.

I'm a tights kinda girl, we've discussed this before. In fact, they're probably my favorite thing about the winter months (Christmas comes in at a close second). With warmer weather right around the corner, I am, with a heavy heart, starting to pack away my beloved tights for next fall. Le sigh.

But just as I've started to roll my opaques and sheers into space-friendly cylinders, this new trend in legwear has emerged - an ombre style, dark-to-light fade out tight. The material appears to be opaque throughout, and doesn't look any more sheer as the color lightens around the ankle. I like their edge - the fade could help bring some spice to an otherwise plain, borderline boring black dress.

But my question is this: can we rock these in the spring? A few of the colors are conducive to the brighter, more colorful palette we all usually lean towards during these next couple of months, but spring is usually known for the uncovering of those winter-y pale gams and shedding a little light (and tan!) on the subject. However, on those especially chilly April days when tights are necessary - will the dark browns and black be appropriate? Could we get away with it?

I need to know, I have some tights-lust to satiate!

Check out the gallery of ombre tights and tell us : do you like this new trend? Would you considering wearing these for spring or would you save them for next fall?