Either Teen Vogue is running out of material, of they're onto an avant-garde new trend. While some girls spend hundreds on the perfect prom dress, how would you feel about dropping equal money on prom pajamas? We've seen masculine, laid-back looks on famous women before (check out the following gallery of women in menswear, plus a celeb PJ getup or two), but are high school gyms ready for it?

This month, Teen Vogue suggests that readers, "rewrite the prom dress code in a boyish sleepwear-inspired look that's all your own." (They also have a $418 set of PJs for suggested prom wear.) The magazine does make a good point in noting that menswear in women's fashion is dominating the runways. But while that may be fine for a Sunday afternoon, do girls really want to look back at prom photos in ten years to see themselves in men's sleepy-time duds? Here are some great outfits for those not into frills, but not willing to take such a casual plunge. [via Teen Vogue]

Maxi Dress With Long Sleeve, $62.67 from Asos

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Blazer In Cotton Lace, $98.48 from Asos

The Local Muse Dress, $199.99 from ModCloth

Sheath All That Dress, $149.99 from ModCloth

Say You Will Dress, $80.00 from Polka Boutique

While these ensembles may not be super-fancy, they could be perfect for the girl who doesn't want to attend prom looking like a fairy princess. And for casual ladies not quite into public sleepwear.

What do you think of this "PJ prom" idea? Do you have any prom outfit suggestions? Have you ever worn something unusual to a high-end event?