Recently Demi Moore posed for a photoshoot promoting Helena Rubinstein's latest beauty campaign. The weird thing is that it doesn't look like the real Demi. 

We all know that she went through a bad split from Ashton Kutcher, recently spent some time in rehab and lost weight (not that she needed to). Anyone going through this might not look their best. Of course, a breakup might do some damage to your appearance. Demi's appearance is really showing signs of stress and aging. That's nothing a little Photoshop (or way too much Photoshop) can't fix.

At 49-years-old, it's okay for Demi to show signs of aging. And she's been through a lot in her life, spending almost all her life in the Hollywood spotlight.

In her photos for Helena Rubinstein's beauty campaign, Demi shows no signs of stress or aging. She appears absolutely flawless. The shape of her face is different, and all of the lines on her face have vanished. In these photos, Demi kind of looks more like a computer-generated robot than an actual real-life woman. Along with airbrushing her skin, whoever edited the photos also changed her skin color. She appears very pale in two of the photos and quite bronzed in the other. And her eyes appear much lighter in three photos. Her hairline has also been perfected. 

Whoever edited these photos of Demi did a great job. I just wonder why the Helena Rubinstein beauty company chose Demi Moore for the campaign knowing they'd have to retouch her photos so much. 

What do you think of Demi's photos for this beauty campaign?

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