Although I don't have cable, I've been watching "Project Runway All Stars" all season on Hulu. Last night was part 2 of the finale. It was such an exciting show, and I loved the designers' collections. I was so happy when the judges announced Mondo as the winner

After watching every episode of this season, I felt like I personally knew the designers. The finalists were Mondo Guerra (left), Austin Scarlett (center) and Michael Costello (right). If you watched the show (even just one episode), you would know that Austin was a diva with lots of personality. Mondo was much more reserved than Austin, although Mondo spoke his mind a lot. He was just more of a loner. And Michael always seemed to be happy. He was a fast worker and loved to drape dresses. Going into the finale, I really wanted Mondo or Michael to win. I feel that Mondo really deserved it, and I am happy he won.

For the final challenge, the designers had to make a collection of five outfits in only four days. But since it was during the "All Stars" season, there was a twist. Each designer had to make an additional outfit, but that outfit had to be made from some of their scraps of fabric left over from their previous challenges. But they did get a little help. All of the designers from "All Stars" came back, and the finalists were each allowed to choose one other designer to help them finish their collections. 

Below is a photo of all the designs the finalists made. The top row shows Austin's designs, the middle is Michael's, and the bottom is Mondo's looks.

The designers put a lot of work into their collections. When it came time for the models to walk the runway, each designer had a great collection to show. Michael's collection was way out of his comfort zone, and I think that hurt him. He usually does evening gowns, and they're always gorgeous. But he decided to go for a collection based on an adventure through the Serengeti. While his collection was very cohesive, the judges thought it was too commercial. His collection was full of prints, and he only had one piece that looked like his usual designs.
Now onto Austin. Austin's collection was typical Austin Scarlett. He showed off some very feminine, couture looks. While his designs were very well crafted, the six looks didn't seem to go together. The judges said that it didn't look like a collection, but rather all of his best work from over the years. Austin was happy with his work, and he felt that he stayed true to who he is.

And finally let's talk about the winner, Mondo. Mondo had such a rough time coming up with ideas for his collection. He spent part of one of the days just laying on the couch in the work room. After that, he got the bright idea for a therapy-inspired collection. He felt that he needed therapy after everything he's been through so he made a collection of it. I loved his collection the best. It really looked like a collection, and he put so much emphasis on the details of his designs. I think the little details is what set him apart from the other finalists. 

I think the judges chose well, and I think Michael and Austin will find work because they are also great designers.

What do you think about Mondo winning? Would you wear his designs?
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