I try to wear the latest trends and keep up with what's fashionable, but I wasn't the first to jump on the pastel bandwagon. That is until I found some cute pastel clothing in my price range. Now, I'm all for pastels. I love mixing them together, and spring is the perfect time for such light, girly colors. 

This week I went shopping, and I found exactly what I wanted. I got a pair of pale teal shorts from JCPenney for only $13.00. That's the everyday price, too! How amazing. I want to get a pair of the pale pink shorts too. They're super cute and comfy too! Not to brag about my deals, but I also got a really cute light pink tee from JCPenney for only $6.00 (everyday price).  

I think that since pastel clothing is all so light, it is easy to mix and match pieces to make an outfit. Mixing two or three different pastels in one look is very cute and oh so girly. The colors should contrast enough to show that you're going for a non-matching look. Whatever you do, just feel confident in what you wear. And try not to have a look that is way too matchy-matchy. 

What do you think about mixing and matching pastel clothing?

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