The Hunger Games is racking up "gigantic" opening numbers today, both in the US and internationally (via 

Hollywood and Wall Street are certain that The Hunger Games can generate as much as $125M domestically this 3-day weekend, which would make it the all-time biggest opening for the month of March and possibly break other records. Right now Lionsgate and theater owners are adding screens every minute for the largest release in the history of Lionsgate with an opening weekend North American count in excess of 4,127 locations.  The studio will have at least 10,000 prints playing throughout the U.S. and Canada starting Friday.

The hotly anticipated movie scored a huge $1.8 million (USD) in Australia. (For the record, the gross was AUS 1,741,000 on 471 screens which is about $1.8M USD.) My sources say that’s bigger than the debuts down under for Iron Man ($1.0M) and Quantum Of Solace ($1.0M), although not Transformers 2 ($2.1M).

Wow, sounds like it will be a huge opening!  If you saw the movie already and are up for sharing your thoughts on the film, please submit one here!  We'll be posting some of the best reviews over the course of the weekend...

Did you see the movie yet... and if so, how did you like it? 

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